Text: Klaine
  • Blaine: Kurt! Kurt... I don't know where I am...
  • Kurt: What happened, baby? What do you see?

Hey, anons and followers? Maybe you could leave me messages and questions to wake up to? That’d be awesome. Thanks

Blaine and I are packing.

We are almost finished then we move it all over to the new apartment. Exciting!  We’ll be totally moved soon enough!

Ask some questions to break up the work?

Taking a bath.

Then I guess I’ll try to sleep. I’m feeling a little woozy so I think I may be able to.


Any late night anons out there?

I’d like some silly questions or conversation. If anyone wants to get an early TMI Tuesday thing going on, that’d be fine.

Have at it. 

Mmm, Lazy Sundays…

I’m all cuddled up with my mermaid and my mute husband. I’d sure like some questions to spice up the quiet afternoon.

Home with my sick hubby and Mermaid.

And, yes, he is sick, no matter what he says. Mermaid’s having a good day, though. Lots of big smiles and she’s getting really good at lifting her head up on her stomach. 

Anyone want to ask me some questions?


Work’s gonna suck in the morning.